Indigo Collection

Novoceram presents a collection in glazed porcelain stoneware ironic, irreverent and provocative inspired by the antique technique of the azulejos

INDIGO – An audacious collection inspired by the antique technique of the azulejo

Novoceram, French ceramics manufacturer since 1863, presents a collection in glazed porcelain stoneware ironic, irreverent and provocative inspired by the antique technique of the azulejos

Indigo is a collection of tiles in glazed porcelain stoneware by



French ceramics manufacturer since 1863, designed for indoor floors and walls.

Ironic, irreverent, provocative,



bold reinterpretation of the antique technique of the azulejo

, playing upon contrasts between the white of the backdrop and the countless shades of cobalt blue. With no less than sixty-three different subjects in the

20×20 cm size

, Indigo mixes themes that draw inspiration from iconographic traditions that are stylistically and chronologically very far apart. So may be associated a detail from a masterpiece dating back to the 15th century such as the Portrait of a Young Girl by Petrus Christus or the decor of a tile dating back to the 3rd century share the same square meter of floor with a pied-de-poule motif and the unmistakable outline of Sputnik 1. Each of the sixty-three images mark on the memory while at the same time building the collective imaginary of the history of decors over the past ten centuries.

It is the methodic lack of consistency in the selection of the subjects, the constant matching between high and low, of the trivial and the refined, of the classic and the pop, of culture and folklore, that becomes the stylistic code, the novelty and originality of a collection of ceramic tiles. Indigo can be used either as a wall-tile or as a floor-tile. In combination with the decor tiles with the sixty-three different motifs, only the decor-less backdrop can be used in the

20×20 rectified


20×60 rectified sizes


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USE:Indoor Floors and walls

TECHNOLOGY:Glazed porcelain stoneware

COLOURS:Indigo Decor MixIndigo

SIZES :20x20cm rectified

20x60cm Rectified




ISO EN 9001

: standard that defines the requirements for the

company’s quality management system

in order to achieve ambitious goals and to plan continuous improvements for various phases of corporate processes: customer relations, willingness to listen and talk, internal organisation, relations with suppliers and all the production processes.

ISO EN 14001

: standard that defines the requirements for the

environmental management system

, based on

ecological commitment

and increasingly ambitious goals in terms of process control implemented by the company in order to limit the impact of its activities on the environment and to improve its performance continuously.

ISO EN 50001

: standard that defines the requirements for the

energy management system

. This certification, driven by the desire to better control and optimize energy consumption, is the logical continuation of an approach of continuous improvement and ongoing environmental.


– Novoceram products are involved in obtaining green certifications for buildings such as the commitment of the

Haute Qualité Environnementale

(High Environmental Quality) and the American


(Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification. Novoceam is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council and the

HQE Association

, whose aim is to control the impact of a building on its environmental context and of promote a healthy and comfortable indoor living space. Finally, Novoceram has also commissioned the


(Environmental Performance Footprint) and


(Environmental Product Declaration) of its products, which indicate the potential environmental impact of a product along its entire life cycle.

Indoor emissions

: index measuring the emissions of

volatile substances

posing a risk of toxicity by inhalation. Our tiles are classified

A +:

the best level of this classification. Furthermore, being

completely free of volatile organic compounds emissions

, they even exceed the criteria required for classification A +.


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